We believe in developing outstanding and long term business relationships with our clients. We seamlessly integrate with our clients’ business and work as an integral part. That is why our clients speak volume for us by calling us “conscientious”, “experts”, “savvy”, “a great combination of technical expertise and business acumen”, “dedicated towards service par excellence”, “our greatest asset and counterpart”, “the best technology partner”, and “a change from traditional consulting”.

Here are some of the testimonials that we have received in appreciation to our efforts:

It was a pleasure to work with Mantra IS on our project, an Android/iOS game. The team was extremely competent and the technology worked as designed. They deftly juggled the input from our team, and provided valuable input that help us avoid several potential pitfalls in the development of our project. We continue to work with Mantra IS on our game, and I have approached them with other projects as well. For excellent project definition, development, and quality control, Mantra IS provided peerless service for our project, on-time and on-budget.
– Steve Revare, Project Manager at SudokuPDQ
SudokuPDQ! Testimonial


We are a non-profit financial organization providing pension benefits to YMCA employees nationwide. We offer a very robust set of tools on our website, but were looking to expand to the mobile arena to offer services comparable with those from for-profit operations. We wanted to get something up and running quickly and professionally. After some extensive research on the web, I found Mantra. I was impressed with their portfolio and references. Mantra quickly gained a solid grasp of our requirements and was able to develop a custom iOS app for us in a very reasonable timeframe. The entire experience of working with them was extremely positive. We have received many compliments regarding the app functionality, and have continued to use Mantra for support and enhancements. The team has also demonstrated the ability to translate the iOS develop onto the Android platform, should we wish to expand to that arena.I would strongly recommend Mantra for mobile application development.

– Elliott Buchholz, COO-Internal / CIO at YMCA Retirement Fund

We have been using Mantra for our website, mobile development, and marketing projects. Having switched from another IT company, I can attest to the quality of Mantra’s services relative to other companies. The two things that I like best about Mantra are the results they have produced for us and the quality of their staff. Rather than being assigned to some junior level project manager, with Mantra, I can always speak to someone who actually knows what they are talking about. I’m in real estate, not IT, so it’s easy to get confused when it comes to information technology, particularly as it relates to the web and mobile trends. With Mantra, I can get straight answers that aren’t overly technical. But what’s really important to me are the results. What’s nice about the services Mantra provides for us, are that they are easily measured and we can see continuous improvement in our business performance, which makes real difference to us. The last thing I’ll mention is that Mantra has a broad range of skills to accomplish custom projects. Rather than being told “we don’t do that type of stuff” Mantra just figures out how to get it done. I’d recommend Mantra to anyone looking for help with their web and mobile development projects.
– Stephen Schwartz, Managing Partner at Charles River Management.

We provide highly complex, highly integrated web and mobile enabled business solutions to some of the world’s biggest companies, so it’s always a challenge for us to find people who are competent and reliable to work with our software and our clients. Using their expertise in software development, Mantra has been able to work with us as a technology partner for developing new solutions and maintaining our existing software products. Their development processes, project management skills, high quality work, and dedication have greatly helped us deliver cost-effective solutions. Our clients hold high regards for Mantra’s specialized services and customer-centric approach. We appreciate our partnership with Mantra and look forward to a continued successful relationship.
– Joe Murgio, CEO/CIO of onProject Inc.

We have worked with the Mantra team on various projects for many years. They have been very professional, friendly, and always delivered projects on time with the quality that surpassed our expectations. Their best practice input and recommendations have been valuable to our business. Whenever we have any IT needs, they are always our first choice. We highly recommend them to any business that is looking for a reliable technology partner with strong IT expertise.
– Glenn Buttermore, CEO of Tri-State Technologies Inc.

We hired the Mantra Team to deliver a custom solution for one of our clients. The Team was very flexible and knowledgeable and integrated very well with our current team and never acted like they were hired consultants, always keeping our needs and best interests in mind. They took a lot of burden from us, minimizing our involvement through out project life cycle. The solution they delivered was on time, under budget and surpassed client’s expectations. They are one of the best service providers that we have ever worked with.
– Tom West, CEO of Planglobal Consulting, Canada


I just wanted to say thank you for your professionalism and quick response times when working with our team recently. Your ability to quickly ramp up resources on an on-demand basis really helped us with meeting our deliverable dates to our clients. Your professionalism and expertise are always appreciated, and we will continue to work with you in the future whenever the need arises.
– Steve Runyon, Senior Consultant at The Foresight Group

When we needed to quickly turn around a cash management mobile application, we turned to Mantra to help us. The application was to be a spotlight at an upcoming conference which left no room for delays. Working with Mantra proved to be an excellent choice.Mantra was quick to respond and gave our project the utmost priority. They understood our requirements, brought value to the process by making recommendations, and turned around code very quickly. They met or exceeded all milestones with the highest quality.I would definitely recommend Mantra for any other mobile projects Bottomline looks at in the future.

– Michael Vigue, VP, Product Management, Bottomline Technologies