Mantra Information Services offers comprehensive software application testing services including Web Application Testing and Mobile Application Testing. If your web or mobile apps don’t function perfectly it can cost you. We put major emphasis on quality control – efficient error detection and correction, while focusing on maximizing client’s cost reduction.

Our innovative and holistic view on Application Testing stresses on continuous testing throughout the application development process. However, we also undertake Application Software Testing and validation services as an independent phase of the software development life cycle, irrespective of our involvement in the software product development process.

Software Application Testing applys for Mobile and Web Apps

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Mantra Services & Focus Areas

Mantra with its deep foothold as one of the pioneering Software Testing companies in NJ and NY has been offering cutting-edge Software Testing solutions, so as to ensure that your finished product meets the pre-defined standards and requirements in terms of usability, standards, performance, and organizational policies. Our Key Focus areas on web application testing and mobile application testing are:

Functional testing ascertains that the finished product meets the original functional specifications. The process initiates with our application testing team reviewing functional specification documents, developing an understanding of the business requirements, and then developing detailed test cases and a test plan. Multi-user test scenarios are performed during the application testing cycle; issues are captured and reported as part of the process; and application retested once issues are resolved.
Usability testing ensures that the application meets usage standards precisely; however, it is important to identify how they interact with the system and results expected. Our usability test plans are based on understanding and analysis of target audience behavior. We prepare detailed test plans and documents test cases for functionality, user experience, design, and application behavior. Our test engineers determine if the system meets basic requirements including ease of navigation, ease of use, and system response to certain user actions.
The application testing and application development teams co-ordinates to prepare detailed test cases and test plans to assess the performance of the system. Thereafter, we create a detailed report at the end of the testing cycle for documenting identified issues. We also offer value-added services by offering insights into what needs to be done (with system architecture, database, technology, etc.) as part of our feedback and suggestions.
Our test applications are conducted across diverse web browsers and in supported operating environment to ensure consistency in the performance and behavior of the system. For Mobile Application Testing, we test applications on supported mobile technology platforms and client devices; and also execute a series of test cases to ensure that application performs consistently across browsers and operating environments.
We understand the value of automated testing and can determine the scenarios in which setting up automated testing environment can be beneficial. We have a skilled pool of test engineers who plan and prepare detailed automation plans and setup test environments. We use different automation tools such as WinRunner, Mercury QTP, Selenium, and Watir, along with scripts such as JavaScript and Perl to perform testing.
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Technology Expertise

Our expert QA test engineers with extensive experience in manual regression and automated software application testing are well adept at preparing test plans, leveraging testing tools, executing test cases, reporting defects and issues, and taking ownership of your Web Application Testing and Mobile Application Testing projects.

Expert QA Application and SoftwareTesting Engineers