In recent years, most software providers rely on cloud based multi-tenant Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) / Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) applications. We are a leading cloud application development company. Our expertise include building custom SaaS applications from initial design thru deployment. With our expertise on all leading web and mobile technology platforms, we are a one-stop-solution provider for custom cloud solutions. Our proprietary SaaS framework will give jump start to your project and help you lower your overall investment – that’s a true Mantra advantage!

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Why Cloud Applications?

Cloud applications offer significant advantages to software provider as well as customers. Multi-tenant approach replaces expensive licensing fees with the monthly pay-as-you-go subscription models which make apps affordable. Cloud solutions make team collaboration and data sharing easy. The single hosting environment saves a lot in hardware infrastructure setup and maintenance costs lowering total cost of ownership. Product updates doesn’t require lengthy release cycles which saves efforts on the provider’s side as well as reduces updated cycles for end-users.

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Our expertise in cloud application development doesn’t just limit to building a Software-as-a-Service application. We have demonstrated capabilities of setting up scalable and secured infrastructure with providers like Amazon, Microsoft, and Rackspace. Our team is fully capable of designing solutions from ground up and putting technologies like ASP.NET and Java to best of its use. Even if you want to build once and deliver branded solutions to your customers, we know how to design and build flexible UI architecture.

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Data Security

One major area of concerns with multi-tenant cloud systems is security. We know how to build secured infrastructure and protect your systems from hacking. We also encrypt user name, password, credit card, and other sensitive data points. All of the applications that we build require a user login which ensures that in a multi-tenant setup, a user only sees data relevant to their company. Within application, we implement role based access to ensure a user can see or manage only data that they are allowed. In short, we take all measures to make sure as a software provider you feel confident about security of your systems.

Mobile Cloud Computing

Mobile application market for mobile commerce, mobile retail, mobile banking, mobile enterprise, and mobile web apps is in high demand. Platform capabilities of iPhone, iPad, and Android devices and availability of high-bandwidth network is making it possible to build cloud-driven mobile applications. With our experience in delivering custom mobile applications like mobile banking, mobile construction management, electronic medical records, multi-platform gaming application, mobile retail management, and several others, we have demonstrated expertise in cloud application development and mobile cloud computing.

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